National Capital Region Bridges


Budget 2019 provided funding to replace the Alexandra Bridge, to refresh studies on a 6th crossing, to develop a long-term integrated interprovincial crossing plan and to support rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance of existing National Capital Region (NCR) crossings.

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There are five crossings in the National Capital Region. Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) manages and operates Alexandra Bridge (built in 1900), Chaudière Crossing (portions built in 1828, and Union Bridge built in 1919) and Macdonald-Cartier Bridge (built in 1965). The National Capital Commission (NCC) manages and operates the Champlain Bridge and the Portage Bridge.

The five crossings are currently at full capacity at peak travel periods (average daily traffic on all crossings: 148,570 vehicles daily; 9,090 non-vehicles). Transportation studies conducted over the last ten years have consistently shown that the existing Ottawa River crossings and connecting roadways are at full capacity during morning and evening peak travel times.

Alexandra Bridge Condition

A 2017 third-party Life-Cycle Cost Assessment concluded that replacing the 118-year-old Alexandra Bridge is the most cost-effective alternative as it will have reached the end of its life span within the next ten years.

Sixth Crossing

Budget 2019 announced that the Government of Canada will address the ongoing need for a 6th interprovincial crossing in the NCR. PSPC is currently working with the NCC to refresh studies. A 6th crossing would help to reduce congestion, improve fluidity and increase transportation options throughout the region.

Long Term Integrated Interprovincial Crossings Plan

Budget 2019 also announced that PSPC would be working with NCC to develop a Long Term Integrated Interprovincial Crossings Plan. The result of this Plan will be a long-term strategy with a vision and approaches for all parties to build on past successes and move forward to meet new and emerging challenges. The Plan will set long-term targets as well as provide options on how we may achieve the vision, and address the following:


We are at the preliminary phases of Alexandra Bridge replacement and the Sixth Crossing projects.

Other Bridge Projects

In addition to the studies and projects listed above, the government will support the rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance of NCR crossings, including the Chaudière and MacDonald-Cartier bridges, by providing up to $80.4 million over 10 years.

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