Master level user agreements

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is currently in the process of implementing Master level user agreements with all federal client departments and agencies. These Master level user agreements will cover all of the Professional Services Supply Arrangements issued by the Services and Technology Acquisition Management Sector (STAMS) within PSPC. Federal client departments and agencies will need to ensure that they are listed as an Identified User within the Methods of Supply listed below prior to using it.

The Professional Services Methods of Supply covered by the Master level user agreements are as follows:

Master level user agreements: Authorized users
Authorized client department Master level user agreement effective date
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada 27 February 2014
Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada 9 February 2015
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 28 August 2013
Canada School of Public Service 20 November 2012
Canadian Commercial Corporation 21 June 2013
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 16 October 2017
Canadian Heritage 29 September 2015
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) 17 July 2013
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 23 October 2013
Citizenship and Immigration Canada 12 November 2013
Communications Security Establishment Canada 6 February 2013
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec 4 September 2013
Environment Canada 18 September 2017
Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario 31 May 2016
Fisheries and Oceans Canada 19 April 2017
Industry Canada 6 March 2013
National Defence 7 September 2012
National Energy Board 6 March 2013
National Research Council Canada 23 January 2013
National Search and Rescue Secretariat 11 March 2013
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (Elections Canada) 13 January 2015
Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages 14 July 2014
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada 30 September 2014
Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions 19 September 2013
Parks Canada 8 October 2013
Passport Canada 11 February 2013
Patented Medicine Prices Review Board 18 March 2015
Public Prosecution Service of Canada 9 October 2013
Public Safety Canada 5 November 2013
Public Service Labour Relations Board 2 October 2013
Royal Canadian Mint 12 January 2018
Shared Services Canada 30 October 2012
Status of Women Canada 22 October 2012
Supreme Court of Canada 7 January 2014
Transportation Safety Board Of Canada 20 December 2013
Transport Canada 22 January 2013
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat 3 April 2014
Veteran Affairs Canada 30 May 2017
Western Economic Diversification Canada 2 June 2016

Individual user agreements

As not all federal departments and agencies have signed the new Master level user agreements, the individual method of supply User Agreements are still in force. To see if your department or agency has an Individual user agreement, please follow the links to the applicable method(s) of supply.

For the following methods of supply, please contact the applicable SA Authority to determine if your department or agency has signed an Individual user agreement.

Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS):
Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS):
Solutions Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS):

To obtain a Master user level agreement

If a federal Department/Agency/User requires access to a Method of Supply that its organization does not have an existing Individual user agreement or an MLUA as listed above, then the user will be required to submit an email request to, in order to commence the process to obtain a Master level user agreement. As part of the email please include the name, title and mailing address of the delegated authority for your organization, which must be at an Assistant Deputy Minister (equivalent) or higher level in order for PSPC to address the MLUA for signature. Once signed by the delegated authority and subject to the acceptance by PSPC, the department/agency/user will be advised of any next steps by each Method of Supply and the MLUA listing as noted above will be updated accordingly.

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