Standing offer: Audiovisual equipment

Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN): N5836

National Master Standing Offer

Procurement officer

Sylvain Vallières

What do we buy

Audiovisual (AV) equipment commonly consisting of commercial grade sound systems, microphones, interpretation equipment, professional video cameras, large monitors/displays, video walls, digital signage systems, projectors, AV control systems, switchers and management software and electronic whiteboards as well as services related to AV system review, installation, programing and system relocation services for deployment in and around Government of Canada installations.

How do we buy

Socio-economic aspects

Not applicable

Value / Savings / Considerations

As a result of the business volume, economies of scale are generated by the use of the SO. Canada benefits from having quick access to a wide selection of AV suppliers, products and services as well as being able to use an efficient procurement method to fulfill their requirements.

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