How security clearance changes affect our methods of supply

The Contract Security Program (CSP) recently made changes to the way security clearances are requested and granted. The changes impact the way we do business however the methods of supply (MoS) in the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) are not affected by these changes thus far.

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Sponsoring organizations during bid evaluation stage

Organizations can be sponsored for a designated organizational screening (DOS) or facility security clearance (FSC) if the organization has submitted a complete application for registration (AFR) as part of the bid evaluation stage of the request for supply arrangement (RFSA)/request for standing offer (RFSO) process. 

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Sponsorship process

Security at bid closing for request for proposals done using a method of supply

When client departments have a professional services requirement that is covered under the services offered by a mandatory method of supply, client departments generate a search result list from the CPSS. The list of pre-qualified suppliers is used as a source list for the procurement and only suppliers who are pre-qualified at the time individual bid solicitations are issued are eligible to bid. 

Additional information on supply arrangements can be found on the buyandsell website.

When using a method of supply that has supply arrangements (SA), the resulting search result list is dependent on the following parameters:

Since security is part of the search parameters, the resulting request for proposals (RFPs) can include the requirement for suppliers to have their security at bid closing, and not at contract award since the invited suppliers have already been validated as having the appropriate level of security at the time they were issued their SA. However, the contracting authority is still required to validate the security clearance of both the supplier and the proposed resources before awarding the contract similar to that of any other procurement process.

Application for registration not required at the request for proposal stage when using a method of supply

Once Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) issues a standing offer (SO) or a SA to an organization, this organization is not required to submit an AFR each time they bid on a solicitation to obtain a call-up or a contract under this PSPC-issued method of supply. 

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Phase 2 of changes to the security screening process

Continued use of common security requirement check lists

Common security requirement check lists (SRCLs) can continue to be used providing your RFP solicitation is using 1 of the MoS in the CPSS ePortal. 

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