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The Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) is the e-portal for Professional Services. Temporary Help Services (THS) for the National Capital Region is currently outside of CPSS.

Important Notices

The Centralized Professional Services System - Data Collection Component (CPSS-DCC) has upgraded its functionality to provide bidders with access to a ".pdf" copy of their submitted bid responses. This functionality is intended as a means to facilitate the free flow of information by bidders. This new functionality DOES NOT replace the requirement to submit any of the requested online information through the DCC, or in hard copy to the PWGSC Bid Receiving Unit as stipulated in the solicitation.

LEAN Initiative – Translation and Language Preferences in Professional Services Contracting

An enhancement to the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) ePortal is being developed that will allow client departments to identify the overall language preference for a particular solicitation based on the language preferences pre-identified by suppliers.

Archive Notices

For Businesses

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  2. Enrolment Instructions - Suppliers (Enrol in CPSS Supplier Module).
  3. Finding opportunities:
  4. For a Security Clearance, contact the applicable Method of Supply directly. Contact Acquisitions.
  5. Professional Services Standardized Items
  6. CPSS Supplier Module and Data Collection Component
  7. Common Business Rules in the CPSS ePortal

For Government

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  2. Enrolment Instructions - Clients (Enrol in CPSS ePortal Client Module)
  3. Finding Professional Services
  4. Professional Services Standardized Items
  5. Common Business Rules in the CPSS ePortal
  6. Online Harmonized Training [excludes THS]
  7. CPSS ePortal Assessments

Contact Information

For contact information please refer to the Contact Acquisitions page.