Centralized professional services ePortal

The Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) is the ePortal for Professional Services.

Preparing for CanadaBuys

Recently, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) launched CanadaBuys, a new suite of procurement services to help suppliers do business with the Government of Canada. The new services are designed to be easier and quicker to use than ever.

To prepare for the transition to CanadaBuys, suppliers are encouraged to register their business through SAP Ariba, the new electronic procurement solution. Please contact the CanadaBuys service desk should there be any trouble getting started on SAP Ariba.

Archive notices

For businesses

  1. Supplier login
  2. Enrolment instructions—Suppliers (Enrol in CPSS Supplier module)
  3. Finding opportunities:
  4. For a Security clearance, contact the applicable Method of Supply directly. Contact acquisitions
  5. Professional services standardized items
  6. Centralized professional services system supplier module and data collection component
  7. Common business rules in the centralized professional services system ePortal

For government

  1. Client department login (available on Government of Canada network only)
  2. Enrolment instructions—Clients (Enrol in CPSS ePortal client module)
  3. Finding professional services
  4. Professional services standardized items
  5. Common business rules in the centralized professional services system ePortal
  6. Online training for federal department users
  7. CPSS ePortal assessments

Contact information

For contact information please refer to the Contact acquisitions page.

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