Enrolment Instructions—Suppliers

Supplier Enrolment—Centralized Professional Services System e-Portal Supplier Module

Please note: A Procurement Business Number (PBN) is a mandatory field in the enrolment process.

Reminder: Enrolment in CPSS does not pre-qualify a supplier under a Method of Supply (MoS). Becoming a pre-qualified supplier only occurs through the re-competition, with or without grandfathering (also known as “Renewal”) and/or the ongoing opportunity to qualify (also known as the “perpetual Refresh process”). Enrolment only provides Suppliers access to the CPSS Supplier Module, where the Supplier can access the Supplier's own profile and use the Data Collection Component, where “open” solicitations can be accessed through the dashboard and templates completed for submission in response to solicitations posted on Government Electronic Tendering Service.

The dashboard also provides information on “anticipated” and “closed” solicitations. Data input under a “closed” solicitation will be accessible to the Supplier for future use, that is on a future solicitation.

If you would like to view a snapshot of the current Solicitation Dashboard, click on the Solicitation Dashboard Snapshot link. (Please note: this link does not lead into the CPSS ePortal, it is presented as a reference only).

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