Solutions-based informatics professional services overview

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Solutions-based informatics professional services (SBIPS) is a method of supply comprising of services and, in certain situations, essential goods, whereby a supplier defines and provides a solution to a requirement, manages the overall requirement, phase or project and accepts responsibility for the outcome.

Updates to contracting policy

Please note that Treasury Board has recently amended the Archived—Contracting Policy to increase some of the contracting delegations of the Policy for goods, services and other procurement commodities. Below are some of the changes that will affect the SBIPS and tasked based informatics professional services (TBIPS) methods of supply:

Appendix C—Contracts directive was revised as of April 11th, 2019 to increase the contracting authority of PSPC to $ 37,500,000.00 for services, as well as increase most other government departments’ authority to $ 3,750,000.00

Please be reminded that the contracting officer awarding and signing any resulting call-up and/or contract must hold the appropriate delegated contracting authority for such amount. As always, these amounts include all applicable taxes, travel/living expenses and amendments.

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