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Task and solutions professional services (TSPS) consists of 2 mandatory methods of supply, the:

These methods of supply allow client departments to solicit competitive bids from a pool of pre-qualified SA holders for non-informatics professional services requirements.

Request for supply arrangement: Ongoing opportunity to qualify

Suppliers interested in being issued a supply arrangement must first pre-qualify under the TSPS methods of supply through our request for supply arrangement (RFSA) process.

The following RFSAs are perpetual and are refreshed on a quarterly basis which align with the Government of Canada’s fiscal year quarters.

The RFSA tender notices can be found on the CanadaBuys site using the below links:

Supply arrangements

The period of the supply arrangements is from award date until December 31, 2100 or until such time as Canada chooses to re-compete the supply arrangements or no longer deems the supply arrangements necessary.

The links below provide information regarding the use of the TSPS task-based and solution-based supply arrangements.

Centralized Professional Services System

The Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) is the e-portal for professional services including the TSPS methods of supply.

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