Explore the mandatory method of supply for professional service valued below the Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) threshold.

Services and information

About ProServices

About the method of supply for professional services and how this supply arrangement works.

Supply arrangement

Information about the ProServices supply arrangement, bid solicitation and resulting contract clauses.

Streams and categories

Information technology professional services (steams 1 to 7); Non-information technology services (streams 8 to 12); Alternative dispute resolution (stream 13); Health services (stream 14) and Learning services for government owned training (stream 15).

Guidance for clients

Supply arrangement information, templates and contracting information for Government of Canada client departments, Crown corporations and agencies.

Guidance for suppliers

How the supply arrangement works and how to become pre-qualified for ProServices.

Centralized professional service system portal

Information for business and for government about the online portal.


News, information and updates about the ProServices method of supply.

Contact us

ProServices contact information.

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