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The table below provides some of the notable events in the history of the ProServices method of supply.

ProServices news
Date Event description
May 2023 As part of Canada’s Procurement Modernization Initiative, the categories within the learning services method of supply for government owned training is moving to ProServices. The expected date is end of  December 2023. For more information, please contact:
May 2022 Suppliers from ProServices are now accessible to users within the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative
October 28, 2021 There is now a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for supplier personnel. As of November 15, 2021, all supplier personnel must be fully vaccinated to access federal government workplaces. Suppliers will be required to provide a certification to their contracting authority. Refer to the link above for more information as it becomes available.
May 20, 2021

Recently, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) launched CanadaBuys, a new suite of procurement services to help suppliers do business with the Government of Canada. The new services are designed to be easier and quicker to use than ever.

To prepare for the transition to CanadaBuys, suppliers are encouraged to register their business through SAP Ariba, the new electronic procurement solution. Please contact the CanadaBuys service desk should there be any trouble getting started on SAP Ariba.

July 1, 2020 The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) which replaces the obligations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), will enter into force on July 1, 2020. NAFTA will continue to apply to procurements commenced prior to CUSMA’s effective date of July 1, 2020, until those procurements are complete. With respect to the methods of supply, NAFTA will be replaced by the Canada Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA).
April 22, 2020 As part of Canada’s response to Covid-19, ProServices has added thew Health Services stream. For more information on the work categories added to ProServices under this stream, please consult the following link: ProServices—Streams and categories
December 13, 2019 Following Notice 2019-4 published by the Treasury Board Secretariat which amends the contracting thresholds as per the biannual updates to the contracting thresholds of Canada’s free trade agreements, the $106,000 threshold for contracting services has been raised to $108,400. This threshold is for the period January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021.
October 2019 In support of the Accessible Government priority, requirements have been added to incorporate accessibility criteria when specifying requirements for goods and services, where appropriate.
June 10, 2019 Following the Notice published by the Treasury Board Secretariat regarding the decision of the Governor in Council to approve changes to the Government Contracts Regulations, which came into effect on June 10, 2019, the $25,000 threshold for soliciting bids for services contracts was increased to $40,000.; ProServices wishes to announce that the new threshold will apply to all contracts issued after that date when the mandatory Method of Supply is being used. Please be reminded that the Contracting Officer awarding and signing any resulting directed contract must hold the appropriate Delegated Contracting Authority for such amount and the amount of $40K includes all applicable taxes, travel, living expenses and amendments. In addition it is as always the responsibility of the Client-Department to justify on their contracting file the award of any directed contract (sole-sourcing).
February 2019 An enhancement to the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) ePortal has been developed allowing suppliers to enter call-up/contract information directly into the CPSS ePortal system as part of their Quarterly Usage Report (QUR) submission requirements.
April 16, 2018 The ProServices Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) for the ongoing opportunity to qualify (known as quarterly refreshes) is posted on the Buy and Sell Tenders website under solicitation number E60ZT-180024/C.
April, 2018 The approach concerning trade agreements in resulting bid solicitations can be found in Part B. Bid Solicitation of the ProServices supply arrangement (SA).
April 2, 2018 The ProServices SAs are awarded.
January 1, 2018 New North American Free trade Agreement threshold update.
October 27, 2017 ProServices launched an additional opportunity to pre-qualify. The additional opportunity is posted on the Buy and Sell Tenders website under solicitation number E60ZT-180024/B.
August 21, 2017 ProServices offers Federal Department Users a more simplified approach for directed contracts. Please refer to the following GCpedia page: Directed contracts in ProServices (accessible only on the Government of Canada network) for additional information.
May 26, 2017 The ProServices Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) for the re-competition is now posted on Buy and sell tenders site. Reference number: PW-$$ZT-002-31516
April 11, 2017 ProServices is re-competing its Supply Arrangements (SAs). The Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) is anticipated to be posted on the website by mid May 2017.
September 26, 2016 New—A new process for NIL reports

ProServices is listening! Beginning October 2016, suppliers who have no contracts to report for the required quarter will no longer need to complete the template. Suppliers can now simply respond to our email to indicate they have not received a contract for that quarter (ensuring they have included both the word 'NIL' and their legal name in the subject line).

To provide comments or improvements in other ProServices processes, please send us a quick email to

March 17, 2016 The new Amendment 013 to our Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) has been posted to provide the RFSA and all previous amendments in a single downloadable document.
February 18, 2016 Process changed regarding the use of the Request For Proposal (RFP) process in directed contracting. For more information visit the links on our Guidance for clients page.
January 1, 2016 Establishment on new North American Free trade Agreement threshold update - 15-3.
December 04, 2015 Amendment 012 to ProServices Request For Supply Arrangement (RFSA): the paper elements of supplier bids will now be requested by ProServices during the bid evaluation period.
July 03, 2015 Amendment to all supply arrangements to incorporate:
February 07, 2014 Launch of the ProServices method of supply.
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