Suppliers from ProServices are now accessible to users within the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

May 2022

In collaboration with the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative (CCPI), the new CCPI professional services pilot is expected to launch as of June 20, 2022. CCPI users will now have access to the pre-qualified suppliers under specific ProServices categories for their procurement needs. All categories found under the geomatics, cyber protection, project management, and alternative dispute resolution services streams are included in this pilot, as well as the clinical social worker and psychologist categories from the health related stream. CCPI users will be able to access a professional services supplier directory listing suppliers under these professional service categories; CCPI users can then run their own procurements using their own terms and templates (in other words, not Canada’s). It is important to note that CCPI users will continue to be responsible for conducting their procurements within applicable legal and policy constraints, including trade agreement thresholds.

It should also be noted that although the federal department users of the ProServices method of supply uses ProServices for requirements up to $100,000, CCPI users could use the directory for any procurement strategy they deem appropriate and assess which trade agreements and procurement thresholds apply to them. For more information on this initiative please reference: Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative.

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