Temporary help services for the National Capital Region

Important notices

Temporary Help Services (THS) are services that are provided by a supplier's employee. There are only three situations in which Temporary Help Services can be used by Designated Users to fulfill their requirements:

All other requirement needs should not be fulfilled under Temporary Help Services Standing Offers or Supply Arrangements.


Temporary help services (THS), are services that are provided by the resources of temporary help firms. The THS On-Line System is an on-line procurement tool designed to assist federal departments in the National Capital Region, in their procurement of temporary help services up to $400,000 (including all subsequent amendments, travel/living expenses, overtime and Goods and Services Tax or Harmonized Sales Tax) and with an assignment period duration that does not exceed 48 consecutive weeks.

Any amendment to extend the duration of the assignment period must be issued after the first 40 consecutive weeks of the assignment period; and The Identified User must notify the THS Authority of the issued amendment by email within 2 business days of issuing the amendment.

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