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5.0 Annex A—Computer Aided Design and Drafting layers

The standard layer list below lists the most-used layer names defined under the Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) layering standard. New layer names can always be created using the field abbreviations and extensions listed in Annex B—Layer field descriptions. The French abbreviations are listed just for reference and should only be used with drawings annotated in French. As an exception, the Facilities Area Measurement (F) layers abbreviations are in English only as they are used in the departmental internal system for area measurement purposes.

A layer name may include an additional subdivision for grouping subsets of layers that represent building systems or categories of related data. Each subdivision contains a primary layer (X-XX-XXX) and supplementary layers (X-XX-XXX-XXX or X-XX-XXX-XXX-XXX) to subdivide the information with greater precision. The use of supplementary layers is optional and depends on a drawing's requirements.


English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-CI Circulation A-CI
A-CI-CVY Horizontal conveyors, moving sidewalks A-CI-HOR
A-CI-ELE Elevators A-CI-ELE
A-CI-ELE-BRF Lift platforms for barrier-free access A-CI-ELE-ACF
A-CI-RMP-BRF Barrier-free ramps A-CI-RAM-ACF
A-CI-STR Stairs, stairwells and ladders A-CI-ESC
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-CL Ceilings A-PF
A-CL-BKH Bulkheads A-PF-GYP
A-CL-FIN Ceiling finishes A-PF-FIN
A-CL-FIN-IDN Ceiling finishes description A-PF-FIN-NUI
A-CL-GRD Physical ceiling grid A-PF-TRA
A-CL-GRD-SCD Planning grid lines A-PF-TRA-SCD
A-CL-OPN Openings, penetrations, skylights A-PF-OUV
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-DK Deck A-TR
A-DK-BAR Deck railings A-TR-BAR
A-DK-OLN Deck outline A-TR-CON
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-DR Doors A-PO
A-DR-EXT Exterior doors, jambs, casework, swings A-PO-EXT
A-DR-EXT-IDN Exterior doors identification numbers A-PO-EXT-NUI
A-DR-INT Interior doors, jambs, casework, swings A-PO-INT
A-DR-INT-IDN Interior doors identification numbers A-PO-INT-NUI
A-DR-INT-PRT Interior doors in a partition wall A-PO-INT-CLS
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-EM Emergency A-UR
A-EM-HAT General hatching A-UR-HAC
A-EM-HAT-COR Corridor hatching A-UR-HAC-COR
A-EM-HAT-STR Staircase hatching A-UR-HAC-ESC
A-EM-HAT-WAL Wall hatching A-UR-HAC-MUR
A-EM-OLN General outline A-UR-CON
A-EM-OLN-COR Corridor outline A-UR-CON-COR
A-EM-OLN-STR Staircase outline A-UR-CON-ESC
A-EM-OLN-WAL Wall outline A-UR-CON-MUR
A-EM-SYM Emergency symbols: exit signs, stairs, first aid kit location, etc. A-UR-SYM
A-EM-TXT Emergency text A-UR-TEX
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-FL Floors A-PC
A-FL-CTP Countertops A-PC-CMP
A-FL-CTP-PRT Countertops on partitions A-PC-CMP-CLS
A-FL-FIN Floor finishes A-PC-FIN
A-FL-FIN-IDN Floor finishes description A-PC-FIN-NUI
A-FL-LEV Floor level changes, ramps, truck wells A-PC-NIV
A-FL-MIL Architectural specialties, casework and millwork A-PC-EBE
A-FL-OPN Openings, floor hatching A-PC-OUV
A-FL-OVH Overhead items, skylights, overhangs, soffits A-PC-SUS
A-FL-RAS Raised floors A-PC-SUR
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-GL General A-GL
A-GL-ATT Attributes A-GL-ATT
A-GL-DIM General architectural dimensions A-GL-DIM
A-GL-IDN Identification, elevation points A-GL-NUI
A-GL-RME Read Me general drawing information A-GL-LIS
A-GL-TMP Under construction lines, temporary aids A-GL-TEM
A-GL-TXT General text (street names) A-GL-TEX
Plan information
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-PL Plan information A-PN
A-PL-OLN Open-to-below plan information outline A-PN-CON
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-RF Roofs A-TO
A-RF-OLN Roofs edge and features A-TO-CON
A-RF-OPN Roof openings for fans, stacks and ducts A-TO-OUV
A-RF-OVH Overhead items, roof above, canopies, soffits A-TO-SUR
A-RF-WLK Roof boardwalks, catwalks A-TO-PAS
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-WD Windows A-FN
A-WD-EXT Exterior window panes and frames A-FN-EXT
A-WD-INT Interior window panes and frames, side windows A-FN-INT
A-WD-INT-PRT Interior windows in a partition wall A-FN-INT-CLS
A-WD-OVH Overhead windows, skylights A-FN-SUR
A-WD-SIL Window sills A-FN-ALL
Non-structural walls
English abbreviation Description French abbreviation
A-WL Non-structural walls A-MU
A-WL-ACC Architectural or protection elements, guards A-MU-ACC
A-WL-ACC-BRF Barrier-free accessories (grab bars, etc.) A-MU-ACC-ACF
A-WL-EXT Exterior walls A-MU-EXT
A-WL-EXT-HAT Exterior walls hatching A-MU-EXT-HAC
A-WL-FIN Wall finishes A-MU-FIN
A-WL-FIN-IDN Wall finishes description A-MU-FIN-NUI
A-WL-HED Door and window headers A-MU-LIN
A-WL-HED-PRT Door and window headers on partition A-MU-LIN-CLS
A-WL-INT Interior walls A-MU-INT
A-WL-INT-LOW Interior walls - low walls A-MU-INT-BAS
A-WL-INT-LOW-PRT Interior partitions - low walls A-MU-INT-BAS-CLS
A-WL-INT-PRT Interior partition walls A-MU-INT-CLS
A-WL-OLN Wall outlines, building footprints, sheds, etc. A-MU-CON
A-WL-WSR-PRT Washroom partitions A-MU-SAT-CLS

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