PWGSC National CADD Standard

9.0 Annex E - Glossary

shall mean a set of construction drawings reflecting on-site changes required during the project as well as the original design intent.
shall mean the CADD software developed by Autodesk® Inc.
Base plan
shall mean a clean, two-dimensional floor plan of a building drawn from field surveys containing all pertinent graphic information. The intent is to use base plan files for project drawings, then update them once a project is complete and the area affected is re-measured.
shall mean Computer-Aided Design and Drafting.
shall mean Canada Lands Survey Records.
shall mean the AutoCAD® system of dividing drawing elements.
Legacy drawings
shall mean older hardcopy drawings, microfiche aperture cards not in digital format, or older CADD files not produced to the present standard.
shall mean the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada.
shall mean Real Property Branch, a branch of PWGSC.

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