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Note: The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises has changed its name to Procurement Assistance Canada.

Procurement Assistance Canada: Ontario region

Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC) Ontario region in Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) represents the views of smaller businesses and encourage their participation in federal government procurement.


Services and information

Seminars, outreach and events

Find and register for free PAC seminars and events in Ontario that support smaller businesses.

About Procurement Assistance Canada

Learn about how PAC assists small and medium enterprises.

Doing business with government

An overview on selling to the federal government, buying from the government and selling to other governments.

Partners and stakeholders

Find our list of government and industry partners, as well as stakeholder organizations, who support our outreach initiatives.

The Government of Canada’s procurement web site. Search and access federal government tenders for free.

Procurement Assistance Canada regional offices

Consult the list of regional offices to find an PAC office near you.


Our vision and mission

The vision and mission that drives our services for smaller businesses.

Grow your business

Find programs and services that are available for your business.

Program feature: Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security

Learn how your innovative solutions could support the development of defence and security capabilities.

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