Requesting a ProServices Exemption—Checklist

As ProServices is a mandatory method of supply, government departments requesting an exemption must demonstrate due diligence in using the method of supply before being granted an exemption.

Before requesting an exemption, please ensure that you have carefully reviewed all the categories (ProServices—streams and categories) under ProServices to determine if any categories could apply to your requirement. 

Things to consider before requesting an exemption:

1. When specific expertise is needed

  1. Is there a category that could possibly cover your requirement?
  2. If yes, then it is recommended to do a ProServices Request for Information (RFI) (ProServices Request for Information template)
  3. If the RFI yields positive responses, send out the Request for Proposal (RFP) to those suppliers
  4. If the RFI yields no positive responses, please provide the following information in your exemption request to ProServices:
    1. A copy of the RFI email and responses from the prequalified suppliers (if applicable)
    2. The dollar value of the requirement
    3. Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) Suppliers search result list
    4. The Statement of Work (SOW)

2. When uncertain if requirement falls under ProServices

  1. Was a full review done that compared the ProServices categories (ProServices—streams and categories) against the requirement?
  2. If no categories are identified, please provide the following relevant information/documents in your exemption request to ProServices:
    1. Statement of Work
    2. Categories considered
    3. Rationale as to why the requirement may or may not fall under the ProServices categories 

3. Request for Proposal process was not successful

  1. What did the feedback from suppliers who did not submit a bid indicate?
  2. Was the wrong category possibly used for the requirement?
  3. Was there a RFI done prior to the RFP to consider other uninvited suppliers who may be able to fulfill the requirement?
  4. If after reviewing the above bullets the request for exemption is still needed, please provide the following information in your exemption request to ProServices:
    1. SOW
    2. RFP (including the list of invited suppliers)
    3. Proposals received (if applicable)
    4. CPSS search result list
    5. RFI email with confirmation that RFI was sent to all pre-qualified suppliers on search list
    6. Total estimated dollar value of requirement
    7. How due diligence in using ProServices was demonstrated

4. Other

Please provide any relevant documentation that may need to be reviewed.

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