Contract Details

N.B.: The contract date represents the date that the contract is recorded in the departmental financial system.

Details for a specific contract
Vendor Name 9031-3560 QUÉBEC INC
Reference Number 700336770
Contract Date 2015-10-09
Description of Work 499 - O-Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified
Contract Period - From 2015-10-01
Contract Period - To 2015-12-11
Delivery Date
Contract Value $45,415.12
Total Amended Contract Value $45,415.12
Comments This contract was awarded to a supplier from a prequalified supplier list in accordance with the terms of the Supply Arrangement (underwater inspections of the Pointe­du­Lac, Maskinongé and Yamachiche pillar buoys on Lake St. Pierre for Fisheries and Oceans Canada).