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Reference Number 700337689
Contract Date 2015-10-23
Description of Work 499 - O-Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified
Contract Period - From 2015-10-23
Contract Period - To 2016-03-31
Delivery Date
Contract Value $180,347.33
Total Amended Contract Value $180,347.33
Comments This contract is a call-up against a Public Works and Government Services Canada procurement tool. Undertake a review of historic groundwater monitoring and analysis data for the Department of National Defense's Range and Training Area of the Land Forces Central Area Training Centre in Meaford, Ontario with the ultimate goal of potentially reducing the number of groundwater monitoring wells sampled and. or the frequency of monitoring. sampling; and Undertake the annual groundwater monitoring and sampling. analysis and data entry program for the Range and Training Area (RTA) and the former Garrison Landfill at Land Forces Central Area Training Centre (LFCA TC) in Meaford, Ontario.