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Subject: Government of Canada Pension Modernization Project (GCPMP) - Release 2.0 - Transition to the Data Capture Tool (DCT)

May 3, 2011

1. Purpose

1.1. The purpose of this special advice is to provide Crown corporations and territorial governments that are not using the Regional Pay System (RPS) with information about the transition to the DCT. The DCT was implemented on May 2, 2011, as part of the Pension Modernization Project's Release 2.0.

2. Background

2.1. The GCPMP was established to develop and implement the business transformation and Information Technology solutions for the renewal of the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) pension systems and services. This project will provide a modern pension administration infrastructure through a phased adoption of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems for both the pension administration and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The transition to this new software will be carried out in parallel with the implementation of a rigorous plan to transform the business organization, functions and processes related to pension administration.

In April 2011, PWGSC implemented Penfax, the new software for core public service pension administration. In addition to the Penfax components related to active member accounts, a new software component, the DCT, was also introduced on May 2, 2011. This tool will be accessible from the secure Crown Corporation portal. The DCT enables employers not using the RPS to report human resource (HR) and payroll information for all employees. The DCT will be used for submitting employee data/information to the Penfax system.

To administer the public service pension plan efficiently, it is imperative that all HR and payroll information data be reported on a monthly basis.

3. Submission of Salary, Service and Contribution Information

3.1. Salary and Service Data

Data conversion activities took place in early April 2011. Therefore, employers were asked to provide their salary and service data (including as much data as possible for the month of March 2011) to the Pension Centre via the Crown Process Improvement (CPI) Workbook no later than March 18, 2011. That allowed sufficient time for PWGSC to process the information prior to implementing the new tool.

All data not submitted through the CPI Workbook by that deadline date had to be held and must now be submitted using the DCT.

3.2. Contribution Data

The contribution data was subject to the same deadline. The contribution files, including as much data as possible for the month of March 2011, were to have been provided to the Pension Centre no later than March 18, 2011.

While contribution data was not submitted through the CPI Workbook or the DCT for a short period of time, employers were still expected to remit the employee and employer shares for the pension contributions.

3.3. Termination of Employment and Death in Service

Notwithstanding paragraphs 3.1 and 3.2, employers were to continue regular procedures for employees who terminated their employment and for death in service cases. All termination of employment and death in service information provided to the Pension Centre during the transition period (prior to May 2nd, 2011 - DCT implementation date) must NOT be resubmitted through the DCT. Submitting this information again through the DCT will cause data duplication and lead to incorrect benefit payments.

3.4. New Hires

For new hires (taken on strength [TOS]), as of March 18, 2011, employers were advised to hold on to this information for input into the DCT once it has been implemented.

4. Secure Crown Corporation Portal

4.1. Login Process to the Portal

In a previous communication, ARCHIVED SACCO 2010-002, section 3.3, it was indicated that users would access the secure Crown Corporation portal through the "Your Public Service Pension and Benefits" Web site. Since that communication, access to the secure portal has been moved to the Pay and Pension Services for Government Employees Web site. A link labelled "Employer Support Services" will be added to the right navigation bar to provide access to the secure portal.

4.2. User Account Request

As per ARCHIVED SACCO 2010-002, section 3.2, an email will be sent to all Crown corporations and territorial government heads of HR providing details on the procedures and dates for submitting the application form "Employer Representative User ID Request" (PWGSC-TPSGC 591 - Employer Representative User ID Request - This site is only accessible to federal government employees, and only to federal departments and agencies.). Please respond in a timely manner to ensure that user accounts are created in time for implementation.

5. Inquiries

5.1. Any inquiries on the information contained in this document should be addressed to:

Judith Ciceri
Government of Canada Pension Modernization Project
1451, Coldrey Avenue
Ottawa ON K1A 0S5

Telephone: 613-954-7722

Original Signed by
Carrie E. Roussin

Carrie E. Roussin
Director General
Compensation Sector
Accounting, Banking and Compensation