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How The ProServices Supply Arrangement Works

The following information is provided for both our federal department clients and suppliers to better understand the ProServices method of supply.


  • ProServices is the mandatory method of supply for professional services requirements below the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) threshold.
  • Its categories are identical to those it shares with the Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) and Task and Solutions Profesional Services (TSPS) methods of supply, but in all cases of contracting via a supply arrangement vehicle below NAFTA, ProServices remains the mandatory method of supply.
  • ProServices is a supply arrangement, not a standing offer. Call-ups cannot be issued against the ProServices supply arrangement.
  • ProServices uses business rules based on the Professional Services National Procurement Strategy:
    • No ceiling rates
    • Search by suppliers instead of named resources
    • Access through the single ePortal of the Centralized Professional Services (CPSS) ePortal
  • A supply arrangement is not a contract and neither party is legally bound as a result of signing a supply arrangement alone. Supply arrangements allow our client departments to solicit bids from a pool of pre-qualified suppliers for specific requirements.

Stage 1 – The Pre-Qualifying of Suppliers

  • Suppliers interested in becoming pre-qualified with ProServices must download and respond to our Request For Supply Arrangement (RFSA). The opportunity for suppliers to pre-qualify is ongoing, and a link to the refresh solicitation can be found on the ProServices page.
  • The online portion of a supplier's bid response is submitted via the Supplier Module of the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) ePortal. For more information, suppliers can also visit our Guidance for Suppliers page.
  • On a quarterly basis, the ProServices Procurement Team evaluates supplier bids and awards supply arrangements to suppliers who successfully bid.
  • The award of a supply arrangement (SA) does not guarantee contracts with client departments will result. The guarantee is that the legal names of all pre-qualified suppliers will appear in search results where search parameters are met. Therefore, the need for pre-qualified suppliers to network and market themselves remains an integral part of successful business practice.
  • Eventually, a full re-competition of ProServices will occur. The next ProServices re-compete is currently scheduled for May 15, 2017.
  • For more information, suppliers should visit the Guidance for Suppliers page.

Stage 2 –Contracting Via ProServices

  • Using the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) ePortal, federal department clients search for pre-qualified suppliers that meet their requirements (category/categories, security status, aboriginal supplier, location of services, etc.) Online Enrolment Instructions for Clients are available in order to get access our online training and obtain a User ID for CPSS.
  • Important: searches performed within the CPSS ePortal – Client Module are the only acceptable manner in which to contract using the ProServices supply arrangement. A search via CPSS is mandatory to make sure that a given supplier has been pre-qualified against the specific category/categories for your requirement.
  • The search return will list all pre-qualified suppliers who meet the searched-for requirements alphabetically by legal name. In competitive requirements, Federal department clients must select a minimum of two (2) pre-qualified suppliers and contact them with a Request For Proposal (RFP). As a best practice, ProServices recommends contacting as wide a number of suppliers as possible. A sample RFP template is available to our federal department clients on the Templates page.
  • Suppliers will be given a minimum of 5 days to respond to the RFP and submit a proposal. Once the solicitation has closed, the federal department client will evaluate all submitted proposals and determine who will be awarded the contract based on the Basis of Selection indicated within the RFP.
  • Directed contracting can also be done for requirements valued below 25K in accordance with Government Contracting Regulations, provided you conduct a search within the CPSS ePortal to determine the eligible suppliers for your requirement.
  • For more information, our federal department clients should visit the Guidance for Clients page.

Stage 3 – ProServices Contract Reporting

  • The Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS) ePortal does not notify the ProServices procurement team of day-to-day searches performed by our federal department clients. Instead, we collect Quarterly Usage Reports from the supplier community. Suppliers should consult the Quarterly Usage Report Instructions page.
  • Since they occur below the NAFTA threshold, neither RFPs issued by our client departments, nor contracts issued via the ProServices supply arrangement are required to be posted on
  • On March 23, 2004, the government announced a new policy on the mandatory publication of contracts over $10,000. Each department contracting via ProServices should have its own proactive disclosure page.