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October 9, 1991

Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0S5

SUBJECT: Pay Date Change


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to provide preliminary details concerning a change in pay date.


2.1 In December 1990, the National Joint Council approved a proposal to change the pay day for all employees paid biweekly from Friday to Wednesday.


3.1 The pay date change will be introduced for the second pay period in January 1992. For this pay period, the cheque date will be moved from January 17, 1992 to January 15, 1992. Consequently, the new pay periods will run from Thursday to Wednesday rather than the current Monday to Sunday.

3.2 Due to the change in the pay period dates, an overpayment will result for all employees under pay cycles 7A, 7B and 7C.

3.3 As of pay period 02/92, pay cheques and direct deposit payments will be available to employees in all regions on the new official pay day, Wednesday.



4.1 Various overpayment recovery methodologies, based on the applicable employee type in field 31 of the Master file, have been identified and are described below. To all intents and purposes, entitlement codes 001, 002, 077, 127, 242 and 244 are considered regular pay.


For employees paid by Pay Action Code (PAC) 33 Time Summary reporting, the exact number of hours to be paid for the initial changeover pay period will be reported by departments. Pay period 02 for 7A accounts covers the period December 23, 1991 to January 5, 1992 inclusive.


In the initial changeover pay period, pay cycles 7B and 7C employees will be paid 10 days. The two (2) day overpayment calculation for Thursday and Friday will be included as part of the pay period 02 process and will be recovered automatically by Supply and Services Canada.

Proformas will be generated for all part-time employees (employee types B, D, F, H), full-time seasonal employees (employee type C), employees working on an "as required" basis (employee type M) and certain groups of employees (LI-BUDs 607/657, SC-BUDs 612/662, SO-BUDs 41006, 41007, 41008) who could potentially be overpaid four days.

Proformas issued for the different situations stipulated above will be provided to departments in early November 1991 and are to be returned in sufficient time for pay period 02/92 processing.

Departments must report the number of hours to be recovered (i.e. hours for the period January 2, 1992 to January 5, 1992 for 7B accounts and hours for the period of January 16, 1992 to January 19, 1992 for 7C accounts).

Beginning with pay period 02/92, recovery will be effected over 26 pay periods for employee types A/B (indeterminate full-time and part-time) and G (specified term of more than 6 months full-time). Since there are 27 pay periods in 1992, full recovery will be accomplished by the end of 1992.

Recovery will be effected in one lump sum in the initial changeover pay period (PP 02/92) for employee types C/D (seasonal full-time and part-time), E/F (specified period of 6 months or less full-time and par-time), H (specified period of more than 6 months part-time) and M (as required basis).


4.2 The overpayment relating to the following regular pay allowances will be calculated and recovered automatically by SSC on the same premise as the regular pay overpayment.

- 022 First Aid Duties
- 026 Isolated Posts
- 042 Penological Factor Allowance
- 063 Education Allowance (nurses)
- 101 Living Cost Differential
- 102 Fuel and Utilities Differential
- 106 Responsibility Allowance
- 141 Bilingual Bonus
- 144 Equalization Adjustment
- 238 Acting Premium
- 245 Interim Salary Adjustment (nurses)
- 288 Salary Relativity Adjustment
- 297 Environment Allowance

4.3 It will be a departmental responsibility to calculate and recover the overpayment relating to the following regular pay allowances:

- 005 Assistant Principal's Allowance
- 007 Bilingual Differential
- 008 Additional Amount Paid in Lieu of Overtime
- 014 Department Head or Dean's Allowance
- 016 Diving Allowance
- 027 Dual Remuneration Superannuable
- 030 Lightkeeper Allowance
- 035 Expenses Commuting Allowance
- 044 Principal's Allowance
- 046 Special Accommodation Allowance
- 057 Specified Location Allowance
- 059 Fees Board of Examiners
- 062 Specialists Allowance
- 070 Supervisory Allowance
- 074 Vocational Training Instructor Allowance
- 080 Inmate Training Differential
- 081 Extra Duty Allowance
- 083 Pay Supplement for Translation Group
- 093 Operational Facility Premium
- 105 Senior Teacher Allowance
- 116 Meteorological Allowance
- 119 Ship's Officers and Ship's Crews Basic Pay
- 121 Seconded Premium Pay
- 125 Special Assignment Helicopter Pilots
- 126 Supervisory Differential
- 132 Basic Pay for Ships'Crews
- 142 Commuting Allowance
- 143 Chairman's Allowance
- 173 Premium Pay in Lieu of Statutory Holiday
- 200 Quarters and Rations in Kind Non-Taxable (non-payable)
- 201 Quarters and Rations in Kind Taxable (non-payable)
- 207 Additional Earnings Superannuation (non-payable)
- 208 Additional Earnings DB, DI / LTD (non-payable)
- 230 Lump Sum Equivalent
- 232 Dual Remuneration Non Superannuable
- 235 Development of Employees and Examiner Premium
- 248 Housing Benefit Taxable (non-payable)
- 289 Parking for Handicapped Employees
- 472 Class Conversion

4.4 Departments will have to calculate the gross overpayment for these non-automated allowances and report a corresponding PAC 18R transaction.


4.5 Distinct entitlement and deduction codes have been created to recover the various overpayments. These are:

  • 338/YL (O/P Pay Rate Net). This code represents the system generated net overpayment. Programs have been amended to allow two PAC 18R ongoing transactions if one of the transactions is for entitlement code 338. Please note that the initial setup of the system generated net overpayment will appear on the cheque stub and cheque register as entitlement code 406/YL.
  • 339/YL (O/P Pay Rate Gross). This code represents the pay rate gross overpayment to be reported by departments when the account has rejected in the initial setup of the recovery process.
  • 340/YL (O/P Allowance Recovery Gross). This code represents the allowance gross overpayment to be reported by departments to recover any allowance that is not recovered automatically by the system.
  • 836/DX (O/P Pay Rate Arrears Net). This code represents the arrears deduction of a net overpayment (i.e. 338/YL) reported by the paying office (PAC 17 or PAC 77).
  • 837/DX (O/P Pay Rate Net). This code represents the conversion of code 338/YL for expenditure purposes. This entails that the amount recovered under code 338/YL, will be recorded on the cheque register as deduction code 337/DX.

4.6 New Master File element 957 (overpayment net pay rate) has been identified to record the net overpayment amount for entitlement/deduction codes 838/YL (837DX) and 836/DX.


4.7 If an employee is Struck-off-strength (SOS) within the recovery period and there is still an amount outstanding in element 957, the system will automatically recover the value present in element 957 from the first available monies.

4.8 If an employee is RE- Take-on-Strength (TOS) during the recovery period and there is still a value present in element 957, a notification message will be produced to the paying office who will calculate and recover, in one lump sum, the amount owing for the T-SOS period.

4.9 When a cancelled cheque contains a negative amount for codes 338/837 or 836, a message will be produced to the paying office for recovery from the first available monies. If cancellation applies to codes 339 and 340, this will be treated identically as any other 18R transaction currently being cancelled.


4.10 When the overpayment is actually calculated, certain accounts could conceivably reject due to changes to an employee's status or because of an unusual or discrepant condition. These accounts will be recorded on a reject report for a manual PAC 18R 339 intervention by departmental staff.

4.11 A standard work week/assigned work week compare report was issued in early September to inform departments of those full-time employees whose Assigned Work Week (AWW) and Scheduled Work Week (SWW) did not match. Corrective action is required to ensure automatic calculation and recovery of the overpayment.

4.12 A cheque register and a cheque stub will be produced showing the gross overpayment, the net overpayment and the adjusted statutory deductions.

4.13 A detailed overpayment calculation statement is also available to departments, on demand, to assist in their inquiries. The statement will provide exhaustive overpayment particulars. Selection criteria is department and paylist only.


4.14 In order to avoid one extra deduction being processed, all transactions established on the Master File with an end date in the future will have to be corrected according to the new pay period.

4.15 SSC will automatically reflect the new dates for Canada Savings Bonds (788), Québec Savings Bonds (801) and United Appeal (790) deductions. A listing identifying the accounts that have been modified will be produced for departments.

4.16 For all other deductions, a turn-around proforma will be produced to permit departments and paying offices to reprofile the end date of these deductions according to the new pay period structure. Only those deductions with an end date of 6 years in the future or earlier will be selected.

4.17 Once the program to produce the proformas has been processed, departments and paying offices will be advised to utilize the new pay period calendar dates for all transactions being submitted with an end date in the future.

4.18 A further Services Pay Directive, providing final requirements and details, will be issued in November.


5.1 Any inquiries on the foregoing may be addressed to Diane Leduc at 819-956-2065 or Rachel Brunette at 819-956-2074.

Original Signed by
M.-Josée Posen

M.-Josée Posen
Director General
Compensation Directorate
Government Operational Services