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September 26, 1994

Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0S5

SUBJECT : Duplicate Paylists


1.1 The purpose of this directive is to advise Clients and Pay Offices on the procedures they must follow when dealing with duplicate paylists.


2.1 As part of the ongoing preparation for transition to Public Service Compensation System (PSCS), the purification of duplicate paylists by clients must be undertaken. PSCS requires that all paylists be unique across a department throughout the system.


3.1 Pay Offices have been provided with a national listing of current paylists in which duplicate paylists have been identified. All duplicates will be reassigned new paylist numbers to establish that all numbers across a department are unique. There cannot be negotiations regarding which departmental sites keep original paylist numbers.

This allows us to ensure that duplication is no longer a current problem or one in the future. This also ensures that misunderstandings as to who changes which numbers and when do not occur. For example, Department of National Defence (DND) has paylist 0100 in Halifax, and paylist 0100 in Quebec City. Both paylist numbers will have to be changed.

3.2 Pay Offices are asked to check this national listing against the paylist numbers currently used to make certain that the list is complete. Any missing paylist numbers must be included.

3.3 Pay Offices will then advise clients with duplicate paylist numbers that alternate numbers must be assigned to these paylists. Pay Offices will assist in organizing the change throughout the system. The timing of changes will be coordinated between the Client and Pay Office. This task must be completed prior to December 1, 1994.

3.4 Blocks of paylists numbers, which are specific to each Pay Office, have been identified. These blocks are to be used for the correction exercise, as well as for any further requests for paylist numbers. Please refer to Annex "A" to view the Pay Office List. No new paylist numbers can be created outside of this list and with the approval of the Pay Office only.

3.5 Pay Offices are asked to maintain a control log of all paylists. This will ensure that paylists numbers remain clean from this point forward.

3.6 Once this exercise is completed, Pay Offices are asked to provide this office with a list of all paylist numbers by clients. You are also requested to continue to provide any ongoing additions or deletions. This will allow us to keep control of the transfer of paylists to PSCS.


4.1 Any queries on the foregoing may be directed by telephone to Domenic Crupi at 819-956-2047 or Louise Mailloux at 819-956-5595 or by facsimile either of the above at 819-956-2098.

Original Signed by
P. Charko

P. Charko
Director General
Compensation Sector
Government Operational Service

Reference : CJA 9020-36-7

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Annex A


  • ST. JOHNS 01 1917-1999 and 2126-2199
  • HALIFAX 08 2700-2799 and 2820-2899 and 3800-3899
  • QUEBEC 21 3923-3999 and 4120-4199 and 5111-5199
  • MONTREAL 25 5600-5699 and 5700-5796 and 5800-5899
  • TORONTO 34 5900-5989 and 6115-6199 and 6600-6699
  • National Capital Region (NCR) #1 35 6700-6799 and 6800-6899 and 6915-6999
  • NCR #2 36 7116-7199 and 7204-7299 and 7301-7399
  • LONDON 39 7503-7599 and 7600-7699
  • NORTH BAY 40 7700-7799 and 7800-7899
  • WINNIPEG 47 7900-7999 and 8101-8199 and 8204-8299
  • EDMONTON 62 8730-8799 and 8900-8999 and 9101-9199
  • VANCOUVER 66 9202-9299 and 9329-9399 and 9500-9599
  • VICTORIA 729600-9699 and 9900-9999

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Annex B


Clients are to obtain this information from their respective Pay Offices.